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Texas A & M Bicyclists On The Rise, As Are Citations

An increase in bike riders on the Texas A & M University campus has also led to an increase in citations issued against such persons.  University police estimate that they give out 10 to 15 tickets every week.  The big problem, according to officials, is that many students simply do not comprehend that they’re held [...]

Bethany Beach Police Promote Bike Safety in Delaware

To help raise awareness about bicycle safety, officials from the Bethany Beach Police Department gathered along Route 26 in Delaware to hand out helmets and lights.  They say that many cyclists in the state don’t understand pertinent laws.  For instance, it’s mandatory for kids under 16 to wear a helmet, but not everyone complies.  500 [...]

Columnist Believes Selective Bike Ban Would Improve Safety

An opinion piece out of Vancouver offers a somewhat unique opinion on combatting bicycle accidents along the road:  create roads that bikes aren’t allowed on.  The thinking is that the proliferation of bicycle-only lanes should have motor vehicle counterparts.  The author believes that cyclists on tight roads are often the ones causing conflict or danger [...]

Operation Brainsave Provides Kids With Incentives to Wear Bike Helmets

Paramedics from Ontario’s Haldimand County are taking part in a program known as Operation Brainsave.  The operation is designed to promote the importance of using a bike helmet while riding a bicycle.  It works like this:  if a paramedic sees a kid wearing a helmet while on a bike (or a skateboard, rollerblades, etc.), they [...]

Capital Ride Teaches York, Pennsylvania Students About Bike Safety

Students in York, Pennsylvania will be receiving a lesson on both bike safety and affordable housing.  Today will see 23 bicyclists stopping in to the Crispus Attucks Association to educate kids about those two topics.  It’s all part of a program known as Capital Ride.  Put together by Bike and Build, this program fundraises and [...]

Tips For Avoiding Microwave, Lawnmower, and Clothes Dryer Dangers

Consumer Reports is a valuable resource for people looking to protect themselves and their families from dangers that might otherwise be overlooked.  Now, the organization is offering tips from themselves, RepairClinic, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission on how to avoid danger from three of the most easily ignored hazards in a home. First up [...]

Justin Bieber Pulled Over By Police During Paparazzi Chase

We’ve all seen erratic drivers on the roadway, or hear about it in the news, but perhaps the best way to bring attention to this important subject is by referencing celebrities alleged to have engaged in the same practices. Recently, pop superstar Justin Bieber was ticketed by police for driving higher than the legally mandated [...]

Texting While Driving Illegal in Alabama Starting August 1

In Alabama, the Governor has signed a law outlawing texting while behind the wheel.  Effective August 1, people will no longer be able to text or use any social media while driving. Fines will cost $25 for a first citation, $50 the second time, and later offenses run drivers $75.  Police have said that they [...]

Educare of Central Maine Offering Free Car Seat Check

Over 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly, so in an effort to reduce these numbers, a car seat safety check will be hosted by Educare of Central Maine on July 20th. Two car-seat safety technicians will be at a Waterville address to teach parents and caregivers how to properly install a car seat.  They [...]

Foresight Can Help Prevent Child Heatstroke in Vehicles

The temperature inside a car can easily become many degrees higher than the temperature outside, and leaving a child in a vehicle can be a deadly mistake. Sometimes, the child is left inside the car by accident. A new report offers up ways to avoid this kind of tragedy.  First, always keep your children in [...]


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